Leruat Log Resort

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By Alfrique Mwana

The Pop On Of Tamu Hills
The higher you go the cooler it becomes -is a saying that rings true at the Leruat Log Resort. Located on the hills of Kajiado Leruat Log Resort is likened to an oasis in the desert. Generally, Kajiado county’s topography is a blend of hills, expansive plains, and valleys. Temperatures can rise to 30 degrees centigrade and drop to as low as 15 degrees centigrade; the better part of the year Kajiado experiences hot temperatures. Leruat is a Maasai word that means a traditional makeshift Maasai bed. In the traditional Maasai setup, the bed is made of a log cut precisely and fastened together with ropes made
from cow skin. The rafts of the bed are ropes inter-twinned to create tension then cow skin is spread on top to act as the mattress.

The traditional Leruat has been transformed into a modern bed with a certain aspect of Maasai tradition.The story of the resort started when the owner who is an enthusiast of nyama choma (roasted meat) would visit the hills and enjoy his nyama choma beneath a tree. For her to enjoy longer stays on the hill, she built a getaway home for her family vacations and weekend outings. Later, the family holiday home was transformed into a resort after the owner’s friends visited and were impressed by how the area presented an attractive topography and its natural plantations, they ended up staying longer than they had anticipated, invited more friends, and booked for the next holiday. The resort officially started with 12 rooms and has grown to over 50 rooms, a swimming pool, and other modern modifications (Consult, 2021).

Located at mlima Tamu (sweet hills) in Kumpa Kajiado County, Leruat resort offers a cooling point under the hot sun; a cool flowing breeze keeps your body temperature in balance and allows you to enjoy the magnificence of the resort. Its vantage location offers you an opportunity to marvel at the spectacular view of the rolling hills and valleys of Kajiado. Shrub vegetation dots the hillsides and plains below, and footpaths through the shrubs add to the beauty. Leruat Log resort is cut out for your getaway, conferences, team-building sessions, and vacations. Is a secluded but reinvigorating environment. The compound is lush and well- manicured compared to the surrounding, connecting paths are paved with cabro. The resort has different types of rooms that are pocket friendly; each room is ensuite and has a balcony overlooking the splendor below.

The rooms are colorful; a blend of different shades of brown paint and mingled lighting is inviting and brings warmth to the rooms. The large windows in each room allow natural light and fresh air creating a sense of space and providing captivating views. The standard room is cozy, fitted with a king-size bed or twin beds that can be joined to make a king-size bed. The Deluxe room is slightly larger than the standard room, with porches at the balcony to allow you to rest as you gaze at the hills and listen to the singing breeze. Executive rooms are stylishly designed and decorated. It is spacious with a living room fitted with modern furniture, the bathroom is fitted with a jacuzzi, and has a bigger balcony to give you a wider view of the scenic environment.

Families and groups of up to four can check into the cottages that are all two-bedroomed; the master bedroom has a king-size bed and the other is a twin room. Cottages are a bit secluded and have a large living area with a stone-made fireplace and kitchen. Guests who need total privacy can check into these aesthetically designed cottages. Outdoor men and women are not left out; at 1000 Kenyan shillings per person per night you can pitch your tent at the camping site and you are allowed to access all other facilities. Pundits say camping is the best way to appreciate the great outdoors; you can hear the night noises unfiltered, as you sleep under the cover of your dome tent.

As the day comes to an end, the beauty of the sunset over the plains is awesome. The sun, a fiery orb slowly recedes to the horizon and seems to touch the tip of the hills; the plains, valleys, and sky consist of an assortment of colors; blends of red, orange, and yellow. The evening breeze flows down the hill bringing with it nippiness and soon it is pitch dark. With no electricity connection in the neighborhood, Leruat log resort shines as the proverbial biblical quotation “a light put on a stand.” The plains are quiet, and nocturnal fauna beckon each other as guests sit around the bonfire to while the night away.

Morning comes and the sun rises beyond the hills, illumining the plains and valleys; the breeze is cool, and sun rays are pleasant to the skin. On the plains, dust can be seen rising as animals move in search of pasture, or vehicles zoom through the paths. The resort is buzzing with activities as the kitchen staff prepare breakfast and set the tables in the restaurant. An assortment of foods are served to suit your taste; the aroma in the air is mouth-watering. A second dining area is located in the garden; there is also a lounge area. Nyama Choma lovers will tell you that Maasai goat properly roasted is very sweet; Leruat resort gives you that opportunity to savour your meat in a serene environment without worrying about time. The bar is a masterpiece; it’s a mixture of modernity and traditional craft. Furniture and shelves
have been magnificently crafted from logs joined together by nails and varnished. At the center
of the bar stands an indigenous tree under which the resort owner would roast goat ribs together with the locals for many years. The shelves are neatly stocked with alcoholic and non- alcoholic beverages.

While at the resort take time to explore the rolling hills of Kajiado. Nature walks through the plains, valleys, and hills assisted by a tour guide are available. The landscape is rocky which makes the trek more challenging and interesting; for seasoned trekkers these hills are but a walkover, for the rookies it’s a task that should be celebrated. Nature treks commence early in the morning when the temperatures are low. During the walk you will see different species of birds dancing to their tunes, probably glorifying God for yet another day. Leruat Resort and its surrounding are good for fitness enthusiasts Jogging up and down the hill, although it is tough, it will boost your physical, emotional, and mental wellness, and improve your blood circulation and respiration.

Equally, less energy-consuming indoor games are available; a pool table, darts, and table football to keep you active and distracted from thoughts of the hustles and bustles of life. Open grounds are available for guests who want to lie down on the green lush lawns or walk-in guests on a picnic expedition. The children’s play group is installed with different equipment – climbers, slides, trampoline, and swing among others. You can spend time swimming under the hot sun in the huge stunning swimming pool and gaping at the topography below. After exercising, give yourself a reflexology treatment offered affordably at an outdoor parlor overlooking the hills. The bush setting adds to the relief and relaxation to improve your well-being.

Open-air conferences and garden weddings can be held on the huge plush grounds. However, indoor conference rooms are available that can take up to 150 persons. The room can be partitioned into four sections upon request. Leruat is located approximately 102 kilometers from Nairobi which is a 2 hours 30 minutes drive. This makes it a perfect location for day trips, and one-day team building activities whether for organizations or chamas.

Traveling to Leruat does not have to be expensive. You can jump into a matatu from the Nairobi OTC area to Kajiado and then to Kumpa for about 500 Kenya shillings or take a direct vehicle to Kumpa. The Matatu will drop you at the foot of Tamu hills then you proceed to climb up the hill to the resort or hike a ride on the resort vehicles. After all, is said and done, food will either boost or destroy your reputation. Leruat resort offers different cuisines to suit the taste of its varied guests. From local Kenyan delicacies to European, to Asian to mention but a few. Their foods are affordable with a budget of 1000 Kenya shillings you will eat, drink to your fill and enjoy the tranquil environment.

It was an amazing stay the staff were very friendly. I would recommend the massage and the reading nook right outside the massage place. Special mention of Chef Jared who was attentive to our request and Irene who provided an amazing deep tissue. Just note if driving, make sure your tyres are in good shape for the journey uphill. Otherwise, it’s a good place for a road trip and stay. As you plan your Easter holiday, or weekend outing with family and friends add Leruat Log Resort to your basket on destinations.

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