The Thrilling Adventure at Nkasiri

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By Alfrique Mwana

Experience The Beauty and Delights of The Kenyan Wilderness

Sarah gripped the harness tightly as she stood at the platform’s edge, her heart pounding with excitement and apprehension. Below her, stretched the lush green canopy of the Nkasiri forest, beckoning her to take the plunge. 

“You’ve got this!” Her friend Juma called out, having just completed his daring zipline journey across the valley.

Taking a deep breath, Sarah leapt off the platform, the wind whipping through her hair as she zipped along the high-tensile cable at exhilarating speeds. She let out a whoop of pure adrenaline, drinking in the magnificent views of the rolling hills and valleys around Kitengela. When she reached the other side, her face was flushed with accomplishment. “That was incredible!” She couldn’t stop grinning. But their adventures were just beginning. Next was the skywalk, a wooden walkway suspended 60 feet up among the trees, offering a bird’s eye view of the forest below. Sarah and Juma carefully inched their way across the narrow bridge, their hearts in their throats.

After conquering their fear of heights, they decided to get dirty on the quad biking tracks. Suited in their gear, they navigated the rugged, muddy trails, fishing around sharp turns and ploughing through water puddles. Sarah had never felt so alive! As the sun began to set over Nkasiri, they concluded their day, and into their Starpod cabin, they went to refresh and rest. The rustic cabins are located beneath the trees and shrubs. Sipping steaming mugs of chai, they watched the wilderness come alive with the sounds of birds and monkeys before their very eyes.

“I can’t believe all of this was just a short drive from Nairobi,” Sarah remarked in awe. Escaping into the beauty and thrills of Nkasiri had been the ultimate adventure.

The Nkasiri Adventure Park offers unique overnight accommodation options called Starpods and Moonpods, allowing guests to stay immersed in nature while enjoying comfortable amenities. The Starpods are Nkasiri’s signature accommodation – luxurious A-shaped, cosy units with a king-size bed and a bathroom attached at the far end. The units offer essential luxury to allow you more time to enjoy the outdoors, making your adventure memorable.  Each Starpod unit is made of wood, and the interior vanished to give an artistic look. The wooden walls and roof control the temperature of the rooms during the day and night. The units are excellent in hot temperatures of the day, while at night, the units are warm.

On the other hand, Moon-pods are a more rugged yet cosy experience.  These units are smaller, and the mattress is placed on the ground, unlike Starpod, which has a raised bed area.  The interior is well vanished, but space is limited. The moon-pods have an exterior shared washroom that fuses modernity and culture. They are clean and well-lit, with a hot and cold shower. Whether opting for the ultra-modern Starpods or the unique Moonpods, guests at Nkasiri are treated to spectacular overnight views while immersed in the sights, sounds and sensations of the surrounding Kenyan wilderness.

As the sun dips below the horizon, painting the sky in brilliant oranges and reds, a magical transformation occurs at Nkasiri. The thrilling adventure activities of the day give way to a sense of tranquillity and wonder under the starry night sky. Sarah and Juma sit around the crackling fire pit, the flickering flames casting a warm glow across their faces. All around, nature came alive; the haunting calls of birds of prey echoed through the trees, while the chirping of crickets and buzzing of insects provided a constant backdrop. Sarah looked up; the sky was clear, the stars were brilliant, and different patterns were formed.  She saw a shooting star shot with speed from horizon to horizon; she pointed out Juma, but it disappeared in the twinkle of an eye. Eventually, they wandered back to their luxurious tented camp, climbing into the plush bed as the sounds of the forest lulled them into a deep, peaceful slumber. In Nkasiri, the line between nature and comfort was beautifully blurred under the magical cover of night.

Before dawn, Sarah was gently awakened by birds chirping outside her Starpod unit. Pulling on a robe, she opened the door and stepped out into the cool morning air, inhaling the fresh, dewy scent. As the first rays of the sun began to peek over the horizon, it set the sky ablaze with vibrant shades of pink, orange and purple. Sarah could smell the aroma in the air; the kitchen at Nkasiri was ablaze with activity as the staff prepared breakfast. With a mischievous grin, Sarah roused Juma from his slumber. A quick shower was all they needed before they set off for the restaurant, their anticipation mounting with every step. Inside, a feast awaited them – a king-sized breakfast designed to conquer even the heartiest appetites. Fresh fruit platters overflowing with exotic delights awaited, their vibrant colours a feast for the eyes. Creamy yoghurt, cool and tangy, promised a refreshing start. Flaky Swahili-style pastries, golden brown and light as air were placed beside steaming mugs of chai, their inviting aroma a further enticement. But that was just the beginning. Savoury options like shakshuka and baked eggs nestled in a rich tomato sauce vied for attention with curry fried eggs, their spicy fragrance arousing the senses. Kennebec hash, a hearty jumble of diced potato peppers and onions, rounded out the spread, a testament to the culinary diversity Nkasiri offered.

A day at the park promised thrills, so Sarah tightened the straps on her harness, her heart pounding frantically against her ribs. With a brave sparkle in his eyes, Juma jumped on his toes, ready to complete the high ropes course. Suspended meters above the earth, the ropes created a difficult path, including bucket walks for balance, dangerous log crossings, and even a hair-raising bike ride down the thin cable. Juma, walking behind her, kept encouraging her, “Keep going. You can do this.” Sarah took a timid step, her grasp on the safety line white-knuckled, but as she encountered each barrier, her panic faded and was replaced with a sense of success. Sarah and Juma raced their bikes along curving routes, leaving behind a trail of dust. The expansive Kenyan grasslands stretched before them, a vividly coloured landscape. Kitengela revealed its splendour as a haven for nature lovers, offering tranquil walks among the long grasses, bird-watching excitement, and even an exhilarating game drive in search of zebras, gazelles, and graceful antelopes.

The Park offered a haven indoors for those seeking a more relaxed pace. Cues cracked against pool balls, darts whizzed through the air, and the rhythmic thump of table tennis paddles filled the room. Lush green lawns, meticulously manicured, beckoned for a friendly football match or a high-scoring basketball showdown. By evening, shadows lengthened, and Sarah and Juma returned to their Starpod, their bodies pleasantly ached and faces flushed with exertion. A cool shower rejuvenated them, and they joined the other guests for a well-deserved feast. The day’s adrenaline high required a suitable reward. The lunch buffet was a symphony of tastes, with crisp, colourful salads, fluffy rice dishes overflowing with flavorful spices, and the standout, tiri na Diaz, a deep Kenyan stew with delicate beef and robust potatoes in a fragrant, soul-warming broth. Sarah and Juma couldn’t help but feel satisfied as they savoured the dinner – a day full of excitement, magnificent landscape, and excellent cuisine. Meat enthusiasts enjoyed the luscious nyama choma, grilled meats accompanied with spicy chutneys and an excellent chakalaka relish. Vegetarians savoured delicious plant-based dishes such as irio (mashed peas and potato patties) and vegan lentil sauces. After the excitement subsided in the evening, guests gathered around the bonfire for “nyama na moto” – a vibrant barbecue with skewered meats, fresh-caught fish, and seasonal vegetables barbecued over an open flame. They drank cool, refreshing drinks like the tart-sweet dawa (honey and lime vodka cocktails) while listening to Maasai storytellers narrate ancient stories under the stars. From sunrise to sundown, the flavorful fare at Nkasiri brought guests together, allowing them to savour the essence of Kenya’s rich culinary traditions while reconnecting with the natural wonders surrounding them.

Later in the day, Sarah and Juma decide to try their hand at archery. They are guided by a skilled instructor who teaches them the basics of bow and arrow use. Sarah hit the bullseye on her first attempt, while Juma took a bit longer to get the hang of it. They visited a local Maasai village nearby. The village elders welcomed Sarah and Juma warmly, they showed them around and explained their way of life. They learnt about the Maasai’s traditions, including their diet, clothing, and jewellery. As the sun sets, Sarah and Juma bid farewell to the Maasai and return to their Starpod cabin, reflecting on their incredible adventure. Sarah and Juma pack up their belongings the following day and say goodbye to Nkasiri Adventure Park. They leave feeling rejuvenated, inspired, and grateful for the opportunity to experience the beauty and thrills of the Kenyan wilderness

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