Celebrating Christmas at Burch’s Resort in Naivasha

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By Alfrique Mwana

Camping Enthusiasts Will Fall in Love with This Resort

It is Christmas season again, a time for joy, sharing and thanking God for another year gone. It’s the time to visit parents and grandparents in the village to relish and rejoice together. For others it’s time to take family vacation and to have a taste of Kenya in the spirit of Tembea Kenya. The mood is carnival and spending is rife; the roads are busy as people criss-cross the country in a celebratory mood.  

In the heart of the beautiful Great Rift Valley, the fog dances upon the landscape like a mysterious Christmas veil. The road winds down the steep Mai-Mahiu-Naivasha road, with travellers greeted by the awe-inspiring sight of the immense escarpment shrouded in fog. As Christmas approaches, this serene region takes on an even more mystical charm. The little town of Mai-Mahiu is adorned with festive lights, and the journey through Moi South Lake Road into Naivasha is accompanied by the tantalizing scent of holiday treats and the sounds of Christmas carols rent the air. Naivasha’s touristic attraction make it a desirable choice for holiday makers; its proximity to Nairobi, and attractive sites are a further lure. 

Lake Naivasha, serene and sparkling under the sun, provides the perfect backdrop for the enchanting Christmas vacation. During this season, the resorts transform into a magical wonderland. Lights adorn every corner, and the towering Christmas tree graces the lobby, its branches glistening with ornaments and tinsel. One of a-kind is the Burch resort located along the tranquil shores of Lake Naivasha. This is an extraordinary resort that boasts a picturesque lake-front view. It is a place where luxury and nature harmoniously coexist, promising you a memorable Christmas as you relax and indulge. At Burch’s Resort, the rooms are elegantly decorated with holiday-themed linens and Christmas wreaths, evoking a sense of comfort and joy. Whether you choose the Apartments, Deluxe Cottages, or Standard Rooms, the festive spirit envelops you, making your stay an unforgettable experience.

Burch Resort was designed to cater to a variety of preferences, offering three distinct categories to choose from: Apartments, Deluxe Cottages, and Standard Rooms. The one hundred spacious en-suite rooms within the resort are maintained to the highest standards to ensure your comfort and value for money. As you step into your room this season, meticulous attention to detail becomes apparent, each space is thoughtfully equipped with a study desk, high-speed internet access, and cable TV, ensuring you stay seamlessly connected while you unwind in the embrace of this serene setting. The bathrooms are sparkling clean and fitted with shower cubicles. Large windows allow in the light that smirks the blend of different colours on the wall to trigger feelings of warmth and comfort, inspire joyful spirits, and make the ambience soothing.

The non-smoking deluxe rooms are spacious and can host a family of six. Choose between deluxe with double, twin or triple beds or a room with interconnecting doors. The room has a working desk electric kettle for your early morning or late night coffee. A king-size bed is placed centrally in the room against a gypsum headboard that resembles a king’s throne, a mosquito net drops from the ceiling to keep the insects at bay. A classic wardrobe, television and free Wi-Fi access are extra services availed. The lighting is neither bright nor dim but just right for a conducive ambience setting to bond. Each room offers a view of the pool or Lake Naivasha. Twin rooms are equally spacious to fit two 4*6 beds, a study table and chair, and a bedside drawer, and still has space to walk and play. The rooms’ features include engraved wardrobes on the wall, neatly spread beds in similar linen, large windows to allow enough natural light that lightens up the rooms.  

Burch resort is unique because elegance and the untamed African wilderness converge. Under the acacia trees are standard rooms and the cottages with great views and a spacious seating area. Cottages are nestled a few metres from the lake shores and connected by a corrugated path. Acacia tree canopies cool off the room during hot days and are home to different bird species, easing bird-watching activity. Air is saturated with a chorus of feathered melodies whilst mischievous monkeys jump across the treetops, playfully adding charm to the surroundings. 

Camping enthusiasts will fall in love with Burch’s Resort’s camping ground, a typical paradise comprising 14 tents that cater to modern travellers seeking a deeper connection with nature. Each tented camp is installed with a hot shower, comfortable bedding, and a hearty breakfast to kick-start your day. Small tents that can host one or two people are also available on the open ground beneath the tall acacia trees overlooking the lake. The camping ground has separate bathroom and toilet for its guests. During good weather, breakfast can be served right in front of the tents at the behest of the guests. Children have plenty of space to play and have fun all while remaining within their parents and guardianship radar for their safety and your peace of mind.Whether relaxing by the pool, enjoying a meal on the terrace, or just gazing at the picturesque views, you’ll be amazed by how well the lake and the pool fit together.

The pool is a haven of relaxation where you can unwind while sipping on a selection of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, fully immersing yourself in the serene atmosphere that surrounds you. But if you find yourself craving a bit more adventure, Burch’s Resort offers an array of exciting activities. Take a leisurely boat ride on Lake Naivasha to spot hippo families in their natural habitat, or venture to the Crescent Island Sanctuary for a unique communion with nature among graceful giraffes and elegant zebras. The sanctuary is also home to the impala, kirks dik-dik (dikidiki), bat-eared fox (mbweha), wildebeest (nyumbu), bushbuck (pongo), white-tailed mongoose, spring hare, and the African cobra and other fascinating wildlife.

 Crescent Island management also engages in conservation activities of the lake through clean-ups and tree growing to ensure the biodiversity is protected. While at the sanctuary, you might even have the chance to feed the majestic Fish Eagles, creating a memory to cherish forever. Cast a fishing hook into the lake for an evening fishing activity that will later transformed into a meal for you to relish at no extra cost. For those with a taste for adrenaline, nearby excursions to Hells Gate National Park, the dramatic gorges, the enigmatic “Hell’s Kitchen,” and the exhilarating climb up Mount Longonot are all easily accessible, offering a thrilling exploration of the great outdoors.

Mornings and evenings are magical during sunrise and sunset respectively. As the sun takes to the sky, the golden rays stretch to the earth through the tree canopies creating an artistic shade on the ground. The rays are soft and gratifying to the skin the waters of the lake glitter at every strike of the rays. Soon the golden ball emerges from the land yonder in its glory, and the day begins. The resort’s restaurant is busy as chefs and waiters align everything in readiness for breakfast. The aroma from the kitchen thrills the nostrils and agitates the hunger pangs. Dining experience at the resort whether indoor or outdoor is delectable; guests can relish an array of fresh, locally sourced ingredients thoughtfully prepared by the resort’s in-house chef. The buffet menu is a lavish 4-course meal, a culinary delight, offering a wide variety of dishes that range from refreshing salads, scrumptious sandwiches, and hearty soups to mouthwatering flat-breads, satisfying meals, and a tantalizing selection of pasta dishes. Dessert lovers will find their sweet tooth satiated with an array of yummy options, while beverages abound, including a curated selection of wines and beers available for purchase, as well as blended coffee and authentic African tea. 

The evenings are more magnificent as the sun descends on the horizon covering the lake with its golden rays; waters glitter as the strong, cold wind blows as the trees to swing in surrender and waves to pound the shores as fishermen prepare their nets and boats for the night catch. At the same time, the open ground overlooking the lake  is set-up for those who prefer to dine in the open air, pieces of firewood  at bonfire arena, and dinner tables and the bar area are set up depending on the number of guests. Darkness falls, fishermen venture into the lake, Burch resort lights up, as music plays in the background as you sit around the bonfire wiling the night away. Outdoor Ultra Violet lamps that attract mosquitoes and other nocturnal insects are lit-up to allow you savour your meal while immersed in the refreshing embrace of nature. Crickets chirp all around whilst the birds on the tree canopies chirp to soothe themselves to sleep. 

Burch’s Resort Naivasha is also the perfect destination for business travellers, offering an ideal venue for conferences, seminars, workshops, and executive meetings. The conference wing has state-of-the-art modern conference rooms that are fully equipped, with a variety of halls capable of accommodating from 10 to 500 participants. Moreover, breakaway rooms can be arranged upon request, ensuring that your event is tailored to your needs. With competitive pricing and flexible packages designed to meet both business and social requirements, Burch’s Resort ensures that your event is a resounding success. The resort’s dedicated and skilled staff work round the clock to ensure your comfort.

In a world where time seems to move faster than ever, Burch’s Resort Naivasha offers a sanctuary where you can slow down, reconnect with nature, and enjoy the finer things in life. Whether you seek relaxation by the pool, the thrill of adventure in the nearby wilderness, or a productive business environment, this resort has it all. Indeed Burch’s resort is the place where luxury gracefully dances with the wild, creating an unforgettable experience that will linger in your memory long after you bid farewell to the tranquil shores of Lake Naivasha.

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