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At Document Point, prompted by a need to understand our economy
in a more in-depth way; we created a data set that we called Kenya-Economy. Data was obtained from Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) latest Economic Survey (2018).

The question is; is the sector being targeted to increase just its impactful
position -which is statistically low; or its output -which is comparably already high?

4. Health scores dismally on the impact scale. The (1.46) score places it close
to the bottom. Again, its choice for inclusion among the Big 4 may be to
boost its impact (social) rather than to increase its economic output. This is
because health is more a welfare factor than an economic factor.

Other outstanding findings
The paths connecting the sectors are colored red for those representing the
strongest impact and blue for those representing the lowest impact. The
results are ordered serially to help ease the visualisation.


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