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By Anne Njagi

A period of excitement and anxiety

Job interview preparation can bring about stressful moments especially when one is desperate for a job. However, if it is not a do or die thing, it is not so bad because the consolation is that ‘after all I have a job’. Job interview preparation is a period where one may inevitably experience anxiety despite having attended other interviews in the past. In my opinion, this is quite normal and at times anxiety can make one focus on the whole process and ultimately do well in the interview. However, stress as we all know is a terrible thing. More often than not, it is difficult to hide signs of stress and this can make one perform really bad in the interview. Remember when one is stressed it is quite easy to be irritable and this is manifested in the body language.

In late December last year, I bumped into this young graduate Evie (not her real name) from my village in one of the shopping malls in Nairobi. She had just finished her degree and professional certificate course. Quite excited about her achievement, she had applied for a job in one of the reputable organizations and had been called for an interview that was to take place in early January.  After exchanging pleasantries, she asked me for tips on how to prepare for a job interview. She asked if it could be immediate as the interview was the following week. I had finished my business at the mall and therefore agreed to discuss the same at a coffee shop. I told Evie that I
am not an authority on the subject but could give her a few tips based on
my past experience. We had a session together that lasted about two hours.
For the sake of most young people who are seeking engagement with various organizations and are keen to learn more on interview preparation,
I thought it prudent to do a brief write up on the subject matter.

You have just finished your degree, diploma or professional course and are ready to hit the market in search of a job. You apply for a job in one of your dream organizations and have been called for an interview, meaning that you have the necessary requirements as demanded by the employer. My first advice is first and foremost preparation, second preparation and third preparation. It is the only way to succeed in an interview. As a candidate, you are required to research about the company to get as much information
as possible about an organization. Get to know the vision and mission of the
organization and the location. As a matter of fact, the interview process should begin from the moment you receive the interview invitation/call.
Be ready both mentally and physically to give it your best. Having a better
understanding of the interviewing  organization will definitely enhance
one’s confidence. The beauty in this is that you only need to invest in data
and visit the respective websites where you can get all information. One day prior, have your original certificates ready as most employers may want to see them during the interview. Even


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